Step 1: Download Our App

Explore and discover the very best beer the world has to offer through our app guided city beer tours.

Forget expensive walking tours, have your own Beer Adventure whenever you want by guiding yourself or your friends around a city to find all the best places in town.


Step 2: Choose Your City And Tour

Once you select a city and tour we’ll suggest the first place you start at, with the next venue not far away.

We’re called Beer Adventures for a reason. That’s because on one of our app guided tours you could be walking from underground brewtap to hidden away craft beer bar in a matter of minutes, or jumping on a tube or metro and making the city your own playground.

Step 3: Check-in

When you arrive at each venue just ‘check in’ to that beer stop and you’ll find out more about the place you’re sitting in. You might also find some great drinks offers to enjoy!

We’ll also give you some local/beer trivia when you check-in so that you can keep things lively and the brain as active as your feet.

Step 4: Earn Points

Every check-in, trivia question answered and some bonus features earn you points on your Beer Adventure.

You can compete with other friends on the same tour (see our Pro-tip below) to see who is the biggest beer expert on the day or go up against our global ‘Beer Adventures’ community! 

Step 5: Carry On Your Beer Adventure

Once you’ve answered some optional trivia questions and been in the bar long enough to enjoy a beer, we’ll suggest the next place to move onto with guided map directions.

Step 6: Finish Your Beer Adventure

When you’re ready to finish, click ‘finish’. You can visit all of our recommended stops or end the tour any time you want.

You’ll see where you are on the points leaderboard and should now be a beer expert no matter where you are in the world!